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Monica Schettino

Passionate about nutrition and fitness, I have spent the last ten years specialising in the field.


After a certification at Institut CERDEN in Brussels and a diploma of Personal Trainer with NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine); I graduated as an Integrative Health Coach with Integrative Nutrition (New York) in 2018 and Precision Nutrition (Canada) in 2020.


I am a devoted mother with a management background; therefore I am perfectly aware of the reality of an active woman and its fast pace. Our days are more than often intense and it becomes very easy to forget our needs and balance. I realize that with time passing by, we start paying the price: extra kilos we can’t get rid off, lack of energy, our sleep stop being restorative and our stress becomes chronic.


With my coaching, nutrition and stress management services, I wish to guide women to a balanced life. I want to help them recover their vitality and their energy so they can flourish professionally and personally.

(Languages : FR-EN-IT)

Mathilde Malignon

Certified sport trainer, I specialize in women's health and adaptive sport.

Trained in adaptive sport my goal is to make sport as accessible as possible.
I firmly believe that everyone, no matter his.her condition, age or body, can benefit from a daily physical activity.

Specialized in women’s health and fitness, I am particularly interested in all the changes a woman’s body goes through. Morphological transformations, hormonal upheavals, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause...

Women’s bodies are constantly adapting.


Being a mother myself, I am particularly sensitive to all the challenges of postpartum and motherhood.

The right training can support every one of these stages, in order to keep your energy, strength and self confidence !

Sport has no limit, it’s just a matter of adaptation.

Looking forward to move with you!

(Languages : FR-EN)

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